Problem in my Hero Honda Hunk

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Hero Moto Corp

I bought my Hero Honda (Now called as Hero Moto Corp) Hunk double disc model in July, 2011. Till now I have covered 11000Kms. I am getting a problem in my Hunk i.e. clutch problem in 4th gear. RPM is more than acceleration as if the clutch is not adjusted properly in 4th gear. Another problem is that after 10000Kms only my bike gave me a big shock which is it does not start. Point to be noted: Hero Honda Hunk 2011 model does not have kick…. I SAID IT DOES NOT HAVE KICK. I was on my way to home from office and it was some emergency due to which I had to commute by bike otherwise I use metro. The bike stopped in the midway where there was no mechanic even. I tried to start it and the self was working properly but there was no ignition to engine. I wasted 30mins on the highway to start it but no result. Ultimately I called J.K. Enterprises service center, East Of Kailash, New delhi, the same showroom from I bought this bike. They asked me to leave the bike there and their person will pick the bike later. Next to next day I got my bike repaired but very soon after 2 days same problem occurs. I informed them about the clutch problem also but when I went to take my bike they said its absolutely fine. If you any problem then stop getting it serviced from us. You can choose some other service center also. PLEASE HELP ME AS THESE 2 PROBLEMS ARE STILL THERE AND MY BIKE STOPS WHEREVER IT WANTS AND DO NOT STARTS BY NUMBER OF TRIES ALSO. I am worried that this thing is happening in initial 10000Kms only. I wonder what will happen after 20000Kms. PLEASE HELP ME

Ankush Verma

[email protected]

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