Problem continues for more than 9 days and yet to resolve

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel ( )

Hi ,

My Name is Niraj Kumar. I got Airtel broadband connection which is issued on the name of
Shankar Dayal. Telephone no for this connection is 08042107870.

My internet and telephone is not working from 01.07.2012 itself.

I am giving you the details of complain number…..
1. complain no 1873274 was made on date 2.7.2012
2.complain no 18090216 was made on date 3.7.2012
3.complain no 18341492 was made on date 7.7.2012

Status of all the complains on your website is showing as resolved but
is still problem continues and it seems that Airtel is exploiting me.

I request you to look in the matter ASAP

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