Prepaid connection disconnected and not being restored.

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Reliance Communications

This complaint is with reference to an issue with Reliance CDMA prepaid connection no. 9336248149.

I bought this number along with an LG handset (package) from Som Dutt Plaza, Kanpur in the year 2004. That was when I shifted to NCR and joined a media house in Noida. It was a gift from me to my mother. Her documents were duly submitted then and later too (many a times) as and when asked for.

Last month on Diwali night her number got disconnected. Being a prepaid connection and with all validty/talktime recharges in place I see no reason for the same. Neither was she intimated of any reason whatsoever if exist.

She living their alone and the same connection being the only way for me to remain in touch with her was snatched from me by Reliance. When she tried reaching out to the Reliance Web World in Kanpur she was told that her number doesn’t exist. Same was the response when I was trying to call her on the same number.

Later some executive in store told her that it’s a number registered with Reliance in a different name and address of Ghaziabad (which obviously has nothing to do with us and the number). They advised her to go for a new connection instead.

Why should we do so, I don’t understand. I repeatedly called Reliance customer care and appellate authority too but no good happened. Just that the response when you dial her number changed from ‘number does not exist’ to ‘number barred’.

The appellate authority people told me to now send the documents, photo and fill the KYC again at the Reliance store and her number will be restored. She again went to the store with her documents but they refused to accept them for various un-understandable reasons.

Both my mother and I are running from pillar to post in Kanpur and Delhi but no one seems to care. Is that how Reliance treats their 8 years old customers?

From a company like that I obviously don’t expect any compensation but could please provide the services for which we have already paid for?

I was never ever given and service request number so I can’t quote any. But since Diwali night (November 13) both me and my mom are having a hard time to keep in touch.

Had a word with Mr. Rohit from the office of Delhi Appellate office at 5:40PM today also (3rd December 2012).

They refuse to provide any docket/service request number.

He confirmed my mother’s name and accepted that the connection is in her name but later took a U-turn.

According to him my documents don’t reflect on this connection hence either I should submit the documents of some person from Ghaziabad who’s name reflects in their records (which I obviously can’t do).

He went to the extent of advising me to go for a new connection as they can’t do anything. What a response from Appellate Authority of Reliance Customer Care.

What should I do now.?

Please look into the matter and help.

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