Pragmatic Stole Money No Website Delivered

Location/place: Coimbatore

Name of company/service: Pragmatic Systems, Inc

9/21 paid pragmatic via Western Union to start development on my website. They created a beautiful site. On 11/5, paid balance with expectation the site would be moved to my server. They never moved the site. Instead, they emailed me a database, the website and details on how to install the database. As of right now, they won’t return my Skype calls or email any responses to me. When you link to my URL It welcomes you to Zen Cart, but I don’t have a site. They are scams, con artists and a fraudulent company. In America, we report this type of business to the better business. I have an online business that just got screwed over by a bunch of thriving people who love in Coimbatore India.

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