Povident Fund Not Received

Location/place: LUCKNOW,U.P.

Name of company/service: Datamation Group,Plot No 3, Hasanpur, I P Extension, Delhi – 110 092 (India)

I had worked with Max New York Life Insurance,Lucknow,outsourced through Datamation Group as mentioned in companies name.I had already sent the PF form through DTDC Courier on dated
21/09/2011 which was received and confirmed by concerning parties Mr.Lalit and Mr. Devesh Pandey but till now after my continous mailing and one way conversation with the company i had not received even a penny from the company and even any satifactory answer in the case.I am mentioning all may details to get your kind concern and resolve the problem.
PF a/c No. as per the company:-
Employee Id no:- A06461
Employee Name:- Sudhir Pandey
Father Name:- Sri. K. B. Pandey
Epmloyee Address:- 3/23, Jankipuram Vistaar, Nr Chandrika Tower, Lucknow 226021
EmployeeDOB:- 12/10/1983
Employee Jateof joining:- 01/03/2010
Epmloyee date of Leaving:-31/01/2011

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