Post paid billing

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Vodafone/postpaid

I was using Vodafone post paid for more than 2 years and never had any issues but for the month of December 2012 they have charged me almost 13,000 +.
I got call from Vodafone customer care on December 26th saying i have crossed my credit limit of Rs.9000 and need to make the payment immediately. I asked what is the amount and i was informed that even they do not know the exact amount but approx 13,000.
I was shocked because my bill never cross beyond 500
I asked about the details but they dint have any detail and even they were not aware why so much amount
I told them, let me get my bill and go through it and will definitely make the payment

But my outgoing call barred on 29th Dec but i wasn’t sure why.
when i called customer care, i got to know that i dint make the payment.

Issue is
1. Vodafone has barred my outgoing call even before they generated a bill saying that i have crossed my credit limit. How can they expect me to pay the amount without seeing my bill and go through it
2. When they told me that i have crossed my credit limit of 9000, why dint they notify me when i reached the limit of 9000, why did they wait till the amount reached 13,000. No one from Vodafone customer care called and notified me about credit limit.
3. When i visited Vodafone showroom in Indiranagar 100ft road, Bangalore, i got to know that there is no credit limit for internet usage but only for talktime. But my bill crossed 9000 due to internet usage which i was not aware of. The person i spoke to in vodafone showroom admitted that there is a mistake from vodafone as well.
4. Again i went to vodafone showroom on 21 Jan 2013 and lodged a complaint to recheck it because there is a mistake from vodafone also
The person who took my complaint told that i will get a call within 3 days and unfortunately i dint get a call within 3 days but got call after a week that to not regarding my complaint but to inform me to make the payment
I asked the person about my issues but that person was not aware of my complaint at all

So again i called customer care to disconnect my connection because i am fed of explaining my problem each time to each person i speak to. But they never disconnected the connection but they keep on adding my rent for feb, March to my Jan bill.

I have made a total payment of Rs.8000 and ready to pay Rs 1000 more since my credit limit was Rs.9000. But Vodafone people started torturing me for making payment and threatening to call police.
The vodafone person (from recovery dept) who came to my doorstep was not even listening what i was saying.

No one from Vodafone is bothered about my issue but they only after money

I hope they look into this issue and i get a justice.

Thank you,

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