Poorest After Sales Service

Location/place: Noida, India

Name of company/service: LG Electronics

It has been a horrible experience with LG since the day i purchased your product. I went on to purchase your product because i thought a big brand like you must believe in fair customer services but my expectations were completely wrong. Here is a synopsis of what i have been through and still experiencing-

I purchased a 195 litre LG refrigerator serial no- 109NRUJ028718 on 6th February 2012 with a plan of installing it in my new opened office in Noida. On 9th June 2012 i unpacked the item and installed it. but even after 2 days there was no cooling. so on 11th june 2012 i registered a complaint regarding the same with complaint no- RNA120611066886 . As assured to me that someone will visit my site within 24 hours but instead i had to rigorously follow you with repeated calls to check my complaint status i somewhere around made 15- 18 calls within a time span of 7 days. Everytime someone pick the call at customer care got amazed just by looking at the complaint history and asked me with surprise “still is it pending”? with in that week i acquainted with almost all of your support staff and they all end up the call while trying to connect me to their seniors and failing everytime. Then they all assured me getting a call back from their seniors within 4 hours which never happened. To the height of this when i called the customer care on 17th June 2012 they told me that your complaint is closed as they had remarks like someone visited my office but there was no electricity. That is the height of foolishness. First of all Sector- 63 Noida is a purely commercial sector so there are DGs installed in each and every office even if there is no electricity the DGs do the work. Additionally UPSs are also installed in my office to mitigate the fluctuation risks.

Now can someone tell me how can you close my complaint without having a feedback from my (client) side. I should have been in the loop. Somehow i controlled my anger and registered a new complaint, this time it was normal next day your engineer visited my office and gave a feedback that there is no coolant gas in the refrigerator, next day two people came from LG side and filled the gas, then the refrigerator started working. Again can someone explain how can a brand new product misses coolant in it. It must have been passed through QA/QC.

Leave it, now today i.e.- 25ht june 2012, it again stopped working. You have delivered me a piece of scrap and nothing more.
So i again registered a complaint today, complain no- RNA120625071874, and again i am stuck in this vicious cycle. Let’s see what happens this time.

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