Poor servicing

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Regent Motors (Chevrolet)

Hi would like to tell you the kind of servicing the chevrolet aduthorised servicing is providing us.This is the second visit to any of the aithorized service station of chevrolet in my life though i have purcahse my car in 2010 beat but this time again thought to avoid the last mistakes by Aravali Auto gurgaon and again i had visited the Regent motors faridabad service station for clutch and fribel change of my beat and they took 4 days to replace the clutch plates and deliver the vehichle without any test drive and then i had complaint that there is some noise from the engine and same night the whole engine of the vehicle is fallen down at the time of the driving which i had never seen in my life and then i tow away the vehicle and handed over to the service station same night and then i visited them and asked whats the problem they said its by our mistake we will take care of the same and deliver the same by today evening but on a daily basis i use to get a call for extending the time and today is the 5th day but i haven’t not received the vehichle and i don’t know what they are doing in it and even i scared if my vehichle is in safe hands or not. This is how the way how the authorized service station use to work and even they have not handed over me any job card.

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