Poor service , Not met the Pre and Sales Committment,Inspite of repeated issues raised before delivery and 2 weeks issues not resolved even though my vehicle was sent thrice to their workshop

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Ghosh Brothers Automobiles India PVT LTD 40 Ratings

I purchased a second hand car. As committed during the presales that the issues during demo would be resolved before delivery.I had booked the car on 10 March as was to take delivery on 25th we had listed the issues in car e.g AC, Starting, clutch etc . But after a delay on the expected date of delivery 29th the issue still existed.We were told that by keeping the car in work of two days the issue would be resolved, batter replacement, coolant added , clutch , etc. Car was taken on 31st, issues persisted, Ghosh brothers asked me to use the vehicle and come back after two days for first service. Again when I took to the workshop after all the and reported all the problems, again few parts we said to be put including coolant(was charged) again but the issue still persisted even when my driver reported in Workshop of over heating the service Engineer brushed us off. Finally this Saturday on road the Car stopped due to oveheating, and the break down mechanic said this was as coolant not there same issue . Even though on 12 th April i got the warranty card the ghosh negligence I had to pay 550 again on saturday as records where not updated.Again I am expected to take the vehicle to the Workshop. I feel totally cheated and frustrated and harrassed

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