Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: IFB

My washing machine conked off nearly two and a half months back. I launched a complaint and after quite a few days a service engineer Prashant came and inspected my IFB washing machine. He told me that a particular part i.e. the circuit board is not working and that he will order for the part. He asked me to keep my warranty papers ready. I could not locate the papers. He came back after a month with the part when I was not home and asked my servant to give Rs. 5000 for the part. When I checked with the consumer care centre I came to know that my machine is still under warranty. I bought my machine in Feb/Mar 2010. Now he tells me that the consumer care centre is located in Bangalore and people there do not anything about the details of the customer here. I thought I will pay up if need be but he would not turn up. I must have repeatedly complained atleast 30 to 40 times both at the consumer centre and to him personally. But no action has been taken so far. Every time I get a promise from the consumer care centre that somebody will come and service it in 24 hours and now two and a half months have passed and my washing machine has still not been repaired. Nowadays Prashant either replies rudely to my calls or simply bangs the phone.

To add to my woes, on 14th of October, my IFB dishwasher also went out of order. I bought it only on 4th April 2011. Fortunately, I have the documents of the dishwasher.

I tried calling up the regional head Mr. Kaushik Sarkar about a month back and he promptly gave me the number of another gentleman who never picked up my call. After a lot of frustration I again called Mr. Sarkar yesterday and have been calling him up continuously today to find a solution to my problem. MR. SARKAR PERSONALLY CONFIRMED THAT BOTH MY PRODUCTS ARE UNDER WARRANTY AND HE PROMISED ME THAT SOMEBODY WILL COME OVER TO REPAIR MY DISHWASHER ATLEAST TODAY. I WAITED TILL AFTERNOON AND NOBODY TURNED UP. I had to go to work in the afternoon. So I again asked him to send somebody between 5.45 p.m. to 6.45 p.m. since I had to go to meet my son’s teacher at 7.00 p.m. But nobody turned up. I cancelled my appointment with my son’s teacher so that I don’t miss the celebrated service engineer. He never turned up.

I have a record of all the innumerable phone calls that I have made to IFB consumer centre personally and also through several other persons. I have now decided to go to the consumer court soon.

I thought IFB was a great brand. But I will now tell everybody that I come in contact with never to buy IFB products.

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