Poor Service By MTS MBlaze

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: AGTS India

About 50 days back I bought Dongal of MTS with MBlaze Connection. Just after 20-25 days of use it suddenly stopped [says invalid login details]whereas it should not be coz it was post paid connection. I mailed to their executive even called also but no help. Again I mailed to Nodal Deptt but that’s also no use.

You know they have started sending mails/sms or asking for payment over phone just before the 10 days of due date. It’s good but when I asked for help to run the Internet back. They also could not come up firm solution.

It strange to complain against the web service provider. My problem is not that big that they should visit physically and solve. The problem is still there but no reply.

I have decided not to pay until I get complete days service.

Btw can I get Dongal Money Back.

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