poor service by chevrolet

Location/place: thane

Name of company/service: chevrolet

car: Chevrolet beat
Colour: White
Number: MH04-FA-9745

I had given my car at Chevrolet body shop in thane for repair on 23rd may 2013 as I had met with an accident. My car had an insurance with bharti Axa. what a stupid insurance company. they took 15 days just to approve my insurance and meanwhile chevrolet didnt started working on the repair.

The approval was received by bharti axa on 6 june and than chevrolet started their work. tgey told me that they will give my car on 10 june 2013. I again called on 10 june, they told they have ordered some car parts which they got today and will deliver my car on 12 june 2013 after claiming the amt from insurance company. I called on 12 june 2013, they told some fitting is pending so will give my car on 13 june 2013.

Again called on 13 june 2013, they told still work is going on. now this time i lost my patience and shouted at Mr Bipin whom i was following up. Mr bipin told he will give my car on 14 june.

pls could you follow up with them as it is now more than 21 days.

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