Poor service and non-reciept of TV channels

Location/place: Attinkuzhi, Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum

Name of company/service: Asianet Satellite Communications

WE have been facing problems with the Asianet Satellite Communications (Cable TV services) from a long time. Time and again they use to disconnect the cable TV connection from the house after recieving the moneny in lumpsum on an annaul basis. They have provided reciept for the money recived by them, but before the completion of the said tenure they have block the signals for all the channels. Complaints have been made several times, but no actions taken yet. This has happend a couple of time earlier after making the payment during this year. The services will be off for serveral days and on repeated complaints being filed wih the company they attend the same and rectify it. This time around the services are completely off and are not attending to the complaints and rectifying the issue, and are trying to extract more money, eventhough the there is still 3 more months for the tenue to be due as per the payments made.
This has become a headache for us as we need to make a complaint very frequently with the services of Asianet Televisions Ltd. and their irrsponsive behaviour.
A very poor and unrealibale service by Asianet Telecommunications has really reuined our life.

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