Poor service, Always demand money with their wicked attitude

here is we residents of denkanikotta tamilnadu share information save lives save society from these wicked mannerless people which they earning money with mannerless business.
Here is about jayashree gas services denkanikotta and rayakotta. Those who are have indane gas connection in jayashree gas services please have to look some sensitivity of how people making money. In this Here Dealers are not entertaining the phone calls and not registering the customers’ booking. This gas service demanding too much money customers scaring us with their wicked mannerless attitude need to close this kind worst services in the society. owner of the person purposely allowing to visit office for new connection and gas booking they refuse to register complaint and always demand money troubling and scaring with their wicked attitude making hell as some sort of their family owning chemical business which is really scaring some chemical exposure in house causes lifetime diseases and cancer which is really scaring and owner of the person has some contacts of doctors and he himself to start hospital business in and around hosur salem. He’s turning healthy wealthy people to patient and making money in the society. Please do share information as much as u can to whole denkanikotta rayakotta hosur salem to save lives from this wicked people. should not allow those kind of wicked people should not run any business in society which they making for money with mannerless wicked way of business.
we already lodge complaint in krishangiri police station. complaint refernace no TRR1865221. But still no action on that wicked people.
Jayashree gas services, denkanikottai tamilnadu 635107
Jayashree gas services, Rayakottai tamilnadu 635116

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