Poor Quality LED TV

Location/place: Meerut, UP

Name of company/service: Samsung

I purchased a 40″ Samsung LED TV 5003 series from Manocha Sales Corporation, Abu Lane, Meerut Cantt, UP 250 001. Date of purchase is 6 May 2012 and cost Rs 53, 980. The picture of the TV is now partially getting covered horizontally by a black band and the problem noticed from 10 May 2013 onward. On my complaint to Samsung (Complaint No 8442139662 on 03 Jun 2013)a mechanic was deputed and inspected the set on 31 May 2013. He declared that I need to purchase a panel costing Rs 25,000 and I need to pay service charges extra as the 12 months warranty period is expired. Overall expenditure would be Rs 30,000. My question is how a product can go bad immediately after 12 months? It is also learnt that the model is long outdated. Samsung must take responsibility for selling outdated product and replace it with latest model. I am ready to pay the difference of cost.The dealer should also be warned not to sale outdated product. Regards. P Bose

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