poor quality baby products

Location/place: Banglore

Name of company/service:

This is w.r.t order number 100082596 and 100098285 from
This item was purchased for gift purpose and I had sent it to my sister who is in near village to Chennai.

As you know when the goods delivered in COD mode we cant check the quality of product before paying money. Once started assembling the goods
order number 100082596 of the wheel was not fixing properly.
2.The leg rest of the kid in Parm always fell down without any proper hold, hence the child slips down from the seat. So it an unsafe for the kid.As I was on onsite travel, I was unable to take time on this. Hence please consider this issue asap and help to resolve the replacement or the repair what ever appropriate.

order number 100098285

1.The Mee Mee baby carrier has been tore the shoulder belt has tore and hence of no use to carry the child.
2. Bed time songs- The CD shows the list of songs in page cover, but when we run CD only music part running to songs as mentioned in CD cover.

Mee Mee Baby Carrier blue BPMEE00091 1 Rs.795.00
Baby Genius Favourite Bedtime Songs BPBAG00017 1 Rs.149.00
Mee Mee Baby Carrier blue BPMEE00091 1 Rs.795.00
Baby Genius Favorite Bedtime Songs BPBAG00017

This is a kind of challenge buying online products without quality, which gives awareness not to proceed further on any online shopping. Please help to change our opinion. Hope to get replaced the goods as per warranty condition without fail. your positive response highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Sridevi Kripasankar
+91 9962554922.

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