Poor Quality and Service issue

Location/place: Agra, India

Name of company/service: Volkswagen India

I have a Vw Jetta 2009 1.9 Tdi Manual Transmission comfort-line Model it has has been a faulty Piece since the Purchase i have had done Suspension Replacement done twice in three years recently got my Air conditioner Compressor changed along with the Condensor now the car is making a Siren noise. the people at the workshop say its the turbo Charger that is faulty which would cost me 1.5 lacs of rupees. Every time i get some Maintainance done a new problem arises and the company didn’t offer me a extended warranty where-in these problems would have been covered. further more I purchased the car from a delhi dealer by the name “DD AutoWorld” which closed down and now i have to bear with the new dealers Issues of getting the car serviced at different Dealers which further Worsens my problem as certain parts are also covered under the customer loyalty bonus where A customer gets the car Maintained and serviced at one dealer only.
I even tried Emailing to Volkswagen India twice but they gave no reply to my email. This car i have brought from my Saving of year now im spending more on Maintainance then anything else from my income Please provide Justified Decision on this Issue
My Email id is [email protected]om Please reply me back on this Email Id

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