poor mobile services

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: KSTS

I have a vodafone connection for many years. There have been instances where the bills have not been received or delivered late by the company’s courier. The moment the bills have been received, in time or late after repeated reminders, we have made the payments immediately on receiving the bills.
For 4 months, Oct11 to Jan 12, no bills were despatched to us. Despite repeated requests to their support services, no bills were received. Finally went to the Vodafone centre at Mahipalpur, took the 4 copies of the bills, made the payments on the spot.

Though it was the company’s fault in not sending the bills or sending them late, they have been charging Rs 100 extra in every bill, as penalty.

Out of desperation we have paid at-least 1000-1500 towards these penalty amounts, the amount is still being added every month.

Their centre assures us that they have sent the request for waivers, so for no waivers have taken place and our outgoing stands barred for no fault of ours. The emails sent in their customer care also bounces, though we have got the email id reconfirmed from their customer care.

Whom should one approach as the call centres are being handled by novices and despite repeating 50 times or so, they all claim the amount will be waived and facility restored, no action has been taken

My no is 9811298014\\\

Please take up with the Vodafone and ask them to sort this out once for all.


K Bajaj

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