Poor Customer Service from M/s- O General

Location/place: anand nagar , maharajganj

Name of company/service: o general


I purchased two air conditions of O General from Dealer Climate Control (Bank Road Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh) on 26th May (peak of Summers). I was disappointed with the way the company sales and service team has handled the installation.

They have not been able to install the air conditions in the proper place and along with that the air conditioning in one of the ac was not working.

After several complaints, a service engineer was sent to my house to fix things. He clearly mentioned that the previous service engineers did not know how to install the ac. I have recorded the video where your own service engineer finds the fault in previous engineers.

After the second service engineer left, the second AC which was working previously has stopped working.

During my interactions with various service/sales engineers, I had a terrible experience in trying to get a service engineer visit my house.

I called Mr. Pankaj (Service Coordinator) several times and he always mentioned that is not his job to fix the AC and asked me to call the engineer.

Mr. Rajiv Pandey (Lucknow) was always in the meeting. He never had the courtesy to listen to my problem and find a resolution.

Same story goes for Mr. Aftab (Dealer Service Representative) who was of the view that he will send an engineer when he wants not when the customer wants. The customer has no right to order him.

It gives a very sad picture of an organization that is trying to form a base in India and delivering poor customer service. I also come from a business family and Customer Service is the top most priority for us as we belong to the services industry. One unhappy customer can bring business misfortune.

It is unfortunate that these kinds of issues come from a reputed company like O General

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