Poor and negligent service of car

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Harpreet Ford, Okhla

I gave my car for a body repair work in warranty for the second time as the rear door had started corroding from one corner. I left my car with the Okhla workshop (Delhi, India) on Monday the 6th Feb 2012. There were 2 things to be rectified, the side beading was to be repainted and the door corrosion was to be fixed. On Tuesday, I got a call confirming that the job was completed but since I was in office I could not go there. Today when I reached their service station to my horror I discovered that the entire car was covered with DUST and the beadings were untouched and even the door repair job was pathetic and even a road side vendor could have done a better job. I still managed to keep my patience as they said that they will simply touch up the beading and would later get it fixed as that would require them to repaint the entire beading. I then asked that if it was possible for them to get a wheel alignment done and they confirmed the same. There was a Ford Fiesta which was in queue and I was assured that my car will be done next. After 50 minutes of wait I saw that there was another car which was put in the queue and they simply said that since I am not in for a service that’s why the car currently in the queue is more important. When I asked the supervisor that if they had such a queue then why was I assured that my car has the next turn for alignment and she had no answer. I wasted almost 2 hours today because of Ford’s negligence and felt extremely insulted because of this incident. I have been a loyal customer of Ford ever since I have owned it and always had a positive word of mouth for the company but after this incident I will never ever recommend Ford to anyone because of the pathetic service.
I would thereby expect you to have a look at the situation and intimate the concerned authorities to do the needful to get all of my concerns addressed on priority. Please find the list of my pending concerns below :-

1) The side body beading’s to be repainted without any charges.
2) Paint job on the rear door to be redone without any recurring defects.
3) Wheel alignment to be done for which I am more than willing to pay for.

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