Poor after Sales service of Micromax Mobile

Location/place: NAGPUR

Name of company/service: MICROMAX MOBILE

Myself Amarnath Saha from Nagpur, I purchased Micromax A60 smart phone for
my wife on Dated 11/01/2012. From the begining of its purchase the phone
was hanging very frequently.I showed this to the service centre but each
time they are saying that the phone was absolutely o.k.
But on 08/10/12 the phone was unable to start, then I take that phone to
Unique Solution(Micromax authorised service centre) at Nagpur. They
collected my Phone with a Job Sheet No.-SALMH029R980 dated 12/10/2012.
After few days during enquiry about the phone the service centre personnel
told me that the phone has a motherboard problem and the required parts has to be come from Dehli.Then after so many follow ups the person told me that the micromax dehli centre was not sending the parts, so you directly contact to them and gave me the no. of Micromax Dehli call centre no.
So as per his instruction I called the Micromax Dehli call centre
no.(011-44770044) on dated 30.10.2012. The person there listen to my
problem and says that the problem was resolved wihin 7 days. Again 7
days back I called on the above sayed no. again they are asking for 10
more days to resolve the above issue.In this way each time the person
sitting there was continioulsy faking by giving some dates and
ultimately the problem was not solved yet.Infact during call the excutive was misbehave and using the vulgar words.
So Kindly look into the above matter,As I was too much mentally harrased by the Micromax Mobile Comapany

Amarnath Saha
Mobile No.-7798888494
Complaint No.-SALMH029R980 dated 12/10/2012

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