poor after sales service

I purchased split ac and I contacted Tata Voltas service Center for installation but the people working there kept on changing the dates for about 20 days.I got too much frustrated with them.on 9th June one untrained local technician after in tervention of Jammu service Center manager.The tech was in hurry while installing the ac and connected to bedroom mains and burnt wiring of half of the residence and left without even connecting drainage, pipes and also removed the white covering of the pipes connected to ac. The service Center people are doing private jobs and ignore Tata Voltas customers.I had to bring an electrician and restore electric supply to the residence.Many maps had burnt.Therefore I lodge a strong complaint against Tata Voltas and request to take strong action against service Center people and employ well trained qualified tech .A I request for compensation for the damages caused to the electrical supply to my house amounting to3000(three thousand rupees) including the electricians charges.Hope you will compensate me and take very serious action against the service Center staff who are great lairs.please inform about the you are taking .

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