Policy Sold with Fake commitments and now Birla Sunlife is not cancelling it

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Birla Sunlife Insurance


Myself Arun Vats, I am holding an Insurance Policy with BirlaSunlife (Pol. no.: 005485342).I have given this policy on the fake commitment by the Birla Sunlife sales agent.
I had recieved a call from an agent who is from Birla Sunlife. He had information about by another policy with Kotak and he had told me that Birla Sunlife has an option where if I want to change my Kotak policy to Birla Sunlife. Permium paid to Kotak will be adjusted within the new Birla Sunlife policy. He had given me option of one time payment of Rs 50000 (20K from Kotak will be adjusted and only need to pay 30k) and I will get some 72K in 1.5yrs.

With that he mentioned me the process, as its a special offer by Birla so customer care will not be aware of it. I will first get Birla Sunlife policy of Rs 30000. Once I recieved this, after 20 days I will be getting an ajustment policy which will have other policy amount and this new policy amount and will be one time policy.

Based on these details I have paid the amount and recieved a policy from Birla sunlife which is 30,000 premuim that too half yearly( means yearly 60,000). When I told them that I have recieved the Birla policy they said you will get new policy(Adjustment policy) in 20 days. I keep on following up with them and its 1.5 months now but still I have not recieved any adjustment policy and when I am calling that guy either he is not picking the call at all or someone pickup and saying Sir is in meeting or he went to Birla mumbai office and will come after a week and so.When I am asking about my policy they are simply saying when he will come he can only give you information.
In all that scenario its clear to me that they have cheated me and sold me Birla policy which I don’t even needed. I do not want to pay premium for one more policy that too 60k per year for no use. I choosed this option as I want to close my other policy also due to some financial problem I do not want to pay premium for that. But now ended up with 2 policies that too with a huge premium amount.
As soon as I realized that its all fake and fraud I sent request mail to Birla Sunlife officials for cancellation of the policy. I have sent four request with the complete detail about the persons involved and my problem but they are not bother about that and only mentioning that 15 days are over so we cannot cancel the policy and not even doing any investigation for the guys/number provided by me.
As those are birla sunlife sale executives Birla should take its responsibility and should cancel my policy and take action against them.

Please help/suggest me for cancellation of the policy and getting my amount refund.

Arun Vats

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