Policy lapse.

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Max newyork life insurance

In 2009 i have paid about Rs. 5800/- towards policy premium(policy No. 100811892) at Max newyork life insurance at MG Road branch, Bangalore.
Due to mismatch of the premium amount they said that they have sent back the above said amount through cheque to my old address. But the same was not received by my of my behalf. But the company representative has said that the cheque was submitted and the amount has been en-cashed by self. To prove this i have submitted my HDFC bank(Which i hold the only one account) statement by sending through e-mail. But the company representative were saying that the same was en-cashed in my name in GRAMA VIKAS BANK. Due to this my policy also lapsed and to re instate the policy they are demanding to pay the premium amount once again with late payment fees.
I have requested the company to share the details of cheque/bank. Till now they are not providing and they are avoiding to share any other details related to this issue.
request you to look into this and do the needful.

your’s Truly,

Robert Dass

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