plot booked but location not mentioned

Location/place: jammu

Name of company/service: j&k housing corporation

It is to highlight the fraud being carried out by the J&K CO-operative Housing corporation ltd.

They promissed a new and a modern colony with wide lanes to be setup at Thathar, Jammu more than 2 years back.

Plots were booked in 2010 and the rate was by no means lesser than the market rate. Infact the customers paid more for the hope that the corporation had ‘J&K” gov tag associated with it and also for the want of better amenities.

Whenever we call to enquire the status of the project, the mangement simply promisses the posession of plot in a short time, normally less than a month but repeatedly we get mere assurances and no ground work.

What is even worst is that the receipt against the booking amount provided to us simply mentions the plot number and its size but they do not give us the map of the proposed colony which they show before booking the plot.

Writing with greater sanguinity that our earnest appeal be heard and hard earned money be saved.

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