Please help me because this type of phone comes daily basis from TATA INDICOM

Location/place: Kolkata (Jadavpur)

Name of company/service: TATA INDICOM

Tata Indicom calls many times showing outstanding bills but I don’t have any telephone line of TATA.They call me many time with bad behave.Now make a case file in Delhi court with case number 411/12.They called me with two number (08595244312 and 9910467594) threat me if I don’t give the amount of 2200 something they will charge to me 35000 and 10000.This two amount is told by two different person.I told that please give or send me a bill of my data or voice usage but they don’t give or send any type of bill.I told them is it possible to create a case file to anyone without showing any proper reason, they told me “now 21st century anything would be happen” .Please help me because this type of phone comes daily basis.

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