Please give me my money back with interest!

Location/place: Kanchrapara

Name of company/service: HDFC Life


I am Satadru Datta. Residing at 9, Kali Biswas Road. P.O- Kanchrapara, Dist 24pgs (N) PIN-743145 West Bengal. In 2004 in a major car accident I became a handicapped person. In 2009 from Barasat court I get a hefty amount as accident benefit. After then I open a Savings account on HDFC Dumdum Cantonment branch.
All the money that I get from court was deposited on that bank’s savings account number 01061000175488.After I open the savings account and all the money deposited on that account. Just next day that bank staff Mr.Bisanjit comes to my home. He and another bank staff continuously come to my house and influenced me to make two HDFC Standard Life’s Savings assurance Plan policies. After that HDFC Dumdum Cantonment branch’s Relationship Manager Mr. Debopriya Mitra came to my home with Mr. Bisanjit. Mr. R.M said that policies will very helpful in my situation. They don’t give time to understand the facilities or disadvantages of those policies. Then I made two policies with HDFC Life. I had opened two HDFC Savings Assurance Plan on 9th January and 21st January 2009. Policy Numbers are 12532120 and 12532861.Each polices had premium amount of one lack rupees per year.
Sir, I am a Seventy five percent permanent handicapped person. When these policies were signed by me then HDFC Bank’s Relationship Manager Mr.Debopriya Mitra was present my home. I had invested 2 lakhs rupees on those policies.
On 2009 my mother Mrs. Kalpana Datta had savior cerebral stroke. For her treatment a hefty amount of money was spent. That’s why I can’t give the second premium and other premiums of those policies. My mother died on seventeenth December 2009.Due to the interests that I get from HDFC bank’s Fixed Deposits is the only way of my family expenditure. I can’t continue the premium demanded by those polices. After about one year a phone came from HDFC Life, they said that because I don’t continue the premium the policies are sustained. They also said that I can’t get the invested two lakhs rupees back because “The Locking Period”.
But after two years I came two know that a handicapped man can’t avail those policies. I also come to know that on policy statement the R.M doesn’t declare the matter that I am handicapped!
Sir they cheated me! Another fact is that they cheated me on another criteria that is, they written my income in a year is 6,00000(Rs, Six lakhs) on the HDFC Savings Assurance Plan application form, but sir that was not my hand-writing. Ican proves it with a help of a hand-writing expert and they don’t demand any income proof .How can a handicapped person can income that hefty amount?
I just want a perfect solution on this matter. This necessary action possible from your side Sir. Please take the necessary action to solve this injustice.

Thanking you, yours faithfully,

Satadru Datta
Phone 09831066742
Email:[email protected]

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