Playing with the career of students

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Singhania University, Rajasthan

My friend is a Ph.D student of Singhania University, Jhunjhunu Rajasthan, After lots of efforts in many other Govt Universities she started Ph.D with this university. When she got enrolled there were no provision of enterance test and course work neither by the Govt not by the University (March 2009). She has start her work with full confidence. she has got published many research articles in National and International Journal. Finally she submitted her thesis in 2011. After so many pursuals she has got a viva call in 2012. After giving viva university people have not given any kind of certificate they said come after 15 days and take ur provisional degree. when she asked for Provisional degree the dean and registrar of the university said that you need to attain the 15 days fulltime coursework then only we will give u provisional degree. She is doing fulltime job and she cannot attain this coursework. I dont understand after completion of Ph.D viva what’s the use of course work. Now we tried our best efforts but these people are not ready to give degree. In fact I came to know they are asking for money to give degree. My friend is in great Depression after making so much effort she had completed her thesis and given Viva but still University is not ready to give degree. Can u help us we are really in trouble. her batchmates are not ready to complaint because University can stop their degree.

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