Playing with hard earned money

Location/place: ahmedabad

Name of company/service: icici prudentical

My name is falgun patel,

I have invested in the ICICI- Prudencial PENSION plan , they are claiming 15% of return annually of invested amount,

Here is the fact:

I have invested ( Policy number : 13447269) : Total Rs. 107000/- in three years and today after almost four years my Net unit value is rs. 103000/-, they are giving false promises and charging (15% ) ….

Adminstrative charge : 13% annually ( what is this ?… telll me .. they have written 1.1% monthly ) – this is big cheating ….
Fund management charges : 1.75% annually — this will be ok if it is higher nubmer … but fund needs to be well managed
Unit allocation charge : 1% annually

it is frustrating to see the return number…

with this pace, how can i assured that my pension will be at good level .. to comform my retirment..

so, pls. do not invest in pension plan – and from ICICI- Prudencial….they are cheaters… Playing with your money

Falgun Patel

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