Playing With Customer Emotions

Location/place: HAldwani

Name of company/service: SNAPDEAL

Dear sir,

I have ordered a product known as Casio watch on the SNAPDEAL.Com after research on net.

I ordered via order no.Re: 756166 Re: Customer query (ticket #756166) on 5th of july 2012. and afte regular follow up to them they keep on saying product is slight delay will come soon.

With that product i have a plan to go to leh trip. which was intimated to them too.
but finally after 14 days they said we are not able to send the product pls cancel the order?

In my views this company is playing with customer emotions and time. I already circulated the news of wearing the product on the trip.

I need a justice for the activity done by the site and playing with customer emotions.
my mail id is [email protected]


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