Philips MCD 988/98 not functioning, lying in service center

Location/place: F2 502 Hari ganga, Phule Nagar, Yerwada, Pune

Name of company/service: Philips India Ltd

Hi sir,

We were gifted a Music system of Philips model : MCD988/98 some 3 years back, since then there has been a regular complaint of power supply issue, due to which the system did not work, It was given to the service center thrice and the period for which it was with the service center was close to 2 years.
Now the service center says that it cannot be repaired after such a long time. we contacted senior officials of the company for replacement, for which they were charging enormous amount where as we were ready to pay the difference in the amount of the new model and the one we purchased plus some premium. The price quoted by the company for the new model is much than the rate at which it is available in the open market with the dealers or on line stores.
Request you to intervene and get the issue resolved and help us have value for our money
thanking in anticipation



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