pf,esi,bonus facility is not given by employer

Location/place: jamshedpur

Name of company/service: tata steel growth shop

I am nirmal kumar worked with Jagriti(a ladies wing of tata-steel growth shop), gamharia, jamshedpur from
15th nov 2009-to continue that I will get Rs. 6000/- P.M. without any facility and then employer is commitment to me that after three months they will give me increment, grade and other allowances, but after three months they say to me
that increment will be given to you after 12 months,and 10% increment is given from 01-01-11, but pf, esi, bonus facility is not given by employer.Jagriti is a profitable organisation and There have total of 60 Labours,2 supervisors and 42 consultancy person on the contract basis. I am responsible for managing the payroll as well as Accounts for the Trust. I am also responsible for complying all the statutory requirements related to workforce and have developed good relationship with all the related Govt. officials.In Jagriti pf, esi and bonus facility is already giving to supervisor and labors, but only me employer is not giving any facility .please help me

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