PF withdrawal

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Accenture

I left Accenture on 30th July 2011. They took 5 months to submit PF withdrwal forms to PF office Bandra Mumbai. After that from March 2012, on PF website, claim status showing as rejected for both the claims (Form 19 and 10c). I called up PF office and asked them for a reason and they told that it has been rejected as Accenture didn’t submit their annual accounts. Past three months I am sending the email to Accenture PF team and they are saying they have not received any communication from PF office bandra, Mumbai. I am suffering due to Accenture negligence so please help me to get this resolve. It’s now more than 10 months, I left accenture. Please check attached screenshot for PF rejection.

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