Personal Loan not approved

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: ICICI Bank

I have a salary account with ICICI Bank from last 3 years and I applied for a loan on 14th of Nov 2012. Everything had done including submitting of documents, verification calls and residence verification. After that I had received no info about what happened on my applucation and even I hadnot received and reference no. After that I received a call after 5 days that Bank only approved 1 lac and not 3.5 lacs which I request. I asked credit manager that is it possible that my loan amount will increase from 1 lac to 1.5 lacs and she told me that I will confirm the same in the evening. But afterthat I havnt received any call and when I checked status of my application online then I find that my file was closed as they were unable to give me personal loan. Then I mailed to Icici customer care complaint forum for this and also mailed the same to Ms. Chanda Kochhar CEO of Icici Bank then yesterday I received a call from Mumbai Office that we regret to approve your loan and looking forward for other opportunities in the future from Customer Care Service Manager. If this situation happens with a customer of well known Bank of India whose rating in customer satisfation is 2nd in World so what we the local persons assume from other bank institutions. And also they told me that your credit history with the bank is 0. You tell me that I applied for the first time for a credit from a bank so how can it possible that my credit history is not 0.
Unsatisfied Customer of Icici Bank

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