Permanent Registration Number missing!

Location/place: Delhi NCR

Name of company/service: Maruti Suzuki

I purchased Swift Dzire from Marketing Times Automobiles Pvt Ltd on 6th June 2012. I was told by salesman that I will be provided temporary Registration which will be valid for one month. I was also told that within one month, I will be provided permanent Registration Number (Ghaziabad Registration).

I started following up when only 5 days were left for one month’s expiry. I was told that dealership forgot to collect all the documents from me and they asked for more documents, which I immediately provided. On further follow-up, salesman, Mr Jitender, very casually told me that it is ok for delay of RC and ‘I can drive without RC’.

After expiry of one month, I did not hear from dealer. On calling, he would make one excuse or the another. Between 12th July and 20th July, everyday I was assured that I will get my RC the following day. And after 20th July, everyone from the dealership refused to take my calls. That is when I logged complaint with Maruti Helpline on 22nd July.

When I did not get any response from Maruti, I followed up on my complaint on 25th July late night, 27th July and 2nd August late night. Every time I was told by call center staff that they are helpless and they can only forward my complaint to Maruti complaint department. I am surprised that no action has been taken by Maruti on my complaint and no one has contacted me from Maruti till date.

Moreover, I was SHOCKED to learn during my last call that my complaint has been closed on 1st August based on Dealer’s feedback!!! I am logging a complaint against a dealer and Maruti goes ahead and closes the complaint based on the same dealer’s response. I never knew that is the level that Maruti’s famous Customer Service has fallen to!

I have few questions for which I need your response before taking any further action:

1. Why did dealer wait for my call after 25 days of vehicle purchase to get remaining documents from me? It is clear that he had not done anything till that time which has resulted in the delay of my permanent Registration.

2. What is a customer supposed to do with the car when permanent registration is delayed because of dealer’s fault? Should he just park the car in the garage and wait for the RC which has no committed date? And he should use taxi for commuting? Who bears the charges of taxi in that case??

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