Location/place: New Delhi

I had booked a Pentel Tablet Penta T-Pad IS701R on 2nd Mrach 2012, I got a conformation Mail on 5th March with my booking ID PENT0075993. Then I received another mail on 12th May confirming the T Pad is ready for delivery and need to deposit the amount in a PNB Branch and they had attached the Depositing Slip along with the mail for convenience and on the 18th I deposited the money in PNB Malviya Nagar Branch, then I received another mail confirming my payment receipt of Rs 3500/- on 22nd March confirming receipt of the payment and confirming the product will be delivred in 12-96 working Hours, and since then had been trying to call and confirm and evertime I would call I would have to be on wait for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes hearing all executives busy please hold, and when they would come they would answer that there have been technical issues and the delivery will happen this week and would have it by

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