Payments and no bills.

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Future net .Com Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sir,

With great regret i would like to inform you that i am not at all pleased with the way your representatives are behaving with the customers including me. Now i would like to bring forth an issue which has been prolonging for a long time.

1) I never receive the bill on time, and this time it has been close to three months that i have not received the bill, and when it comes to collecting the payment, i have to hear that the account will not be recharged without making the payment and so on and so forth. It also further has been noticed that the whole company as such is not intending to serve customers in the right sense of customer service.
2) Mr.Uttam Halder, always misbehaves with me at any point of time, and it has been noticed that he never comes and delivers the bills on time, but when it comes to collecting the payment, he would start threatening me even if the payment is late for a day even. At this juncture i would like to mention that everything in a business cannot be man handled by saying “AMRA KINTU TILJALA LOCAL CHELE,AMADER SHONGE PANGA NEO NA”, I have been subjected to hear this statement many a times in the past and even today when i was speaking to Mr.UTTAM HALDER, he tries to threaten me by saying please go ahead and do whatever you want, i would not be able to give you the bill before three days. Business always runs on good Faith and not man handling and rowdism.
3) My account id is R078, the balance expires on the 10.12.2012, at 1426 hrs, i would not intend to continue the service after that, the reason if asked would be incompetent and illegal behaviour of your employees from the very beginning.
4) Please consider this to be my final intimation for the discontinuation of the service from the 11.12.2012.
5) We as end consumer’s also do have certain consumer rights which have not been shown in the last few days, so i am being forced to send a copy of this mail to the commissioner, consumer forum by mail as well as a hard copy.
6) I would also require the pending bills for the last three months by end of business tomorrow.

That is all for the moment


Shoubhik N Choudhury

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