Location/place: Ballygunge/Kolkata

Name of company/service: TATA DOCOMO

I wish to bring to your kind attention a very serious issue I have faced with a renowned organization i.e. Tata Docomo.

I got a call from one of Tata Docomo executives on 10/7/2012 who confirmed my photon #, my address, my billing cycle & also my bill amount to be paid in July & said that if he could send someone to my residence to collect my monthly charges which are due on 22nd July 2012.

This has happened earlier also, hence I was not having any second thoughts . If you recheck, you will find that twice earlier, I have paid my dues by cash to Tata Docomo representative twice.

I consented & the representative visited my residence while I was at office & took the money from my mother who is an old lady & not very savvy about these things. When I returned home, I saw the money receipt & am not convinced that the same is genuine.

Hence I called up your toll free number to find out the same but twice I was informed that my bill amount for July is still due.

I was amazed at the fact & totally horrified that a person should know all my details that only someone working with Tata Docomo company can know. (my cell # , photon #, amount due, my address, etc)

I am attaching the money receipt that he gave my mother so that you may update me on the validity of the same.

Kindly help me at your earliest convenience as I need not say or explain further what mental agony I am going through

Thanking you,

Best Regards

Sambrita Ghosh

tel 9830211889

photon # 9230194717

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