Payment issue with IRCTC

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Irctc

To whom it may concern,

On 5th of July I had booked a ticket from “Kalyan Jn. (KYN) to Jabalpur (JBP)” through IRCTC using my CITI BANK Credit Card. However, due to some reasons, on the date of journey the said train got cancelled.


Transaction ID: 0522561939
PNR No.: 8703783614
From: Kalyan (KYN)
To: Jabalpur (JBP)
Date of Journey: 21-7-2012
Reservation Status: Delivered
Date of Booking: 05-7-2012
Amount: Total: Rs 582.00

On 27th of July I wrote an E-mail to IRCTC saying “It would be really appreciated if you could please process the refund for the same as soon as possible.”

On 3rd of Aug I got an Email from them that they have initiated a refund of Rs. 281.00/- to my account. However I am entitled to get the whole amount because I did not cancel the ticket; it automatically got cancelled because the train got cancelled on the said date.

I tried contacting them on the given customer service number but no numbers are working, so I wrote another E-mail to them on 6th of Aug saying “To whom it may concern, On my request of cancellation of ticket (PNR #: 8703783614) I got a refund of Rs. 281.00/-. However I had booked this ticket for Rs. Rs 582.00.
The reason I did not travel with this train was, the train JBP GARIB RATH got cancelled on the said date that is 21-7-2012, hence I request you to please check your system and initiate my full refund as soon as possible.
And also please check the number you have given in your website and in your E-mails, NO NUMBERS ARE WORKING. Please stop making fool of your customers.”

I have not received any answer or any reply from IRCTC and because their numbers are also not working so I am not sure what to do.

Please advice.

For any other detail you can always reach me at +91 88888 11627.


Dhiraj Joshi

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