Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: IMPRESSIVE BPO

Dear All,

This mail is to inform you that I (Sandeep Mahajan) am a proprietor of Success Point (a Manpower Recruitment Firm) facing some problems for asking my payment from Impressive BPO (a international BPO) which is located at Plot No. 698, Udhyod Vihar Phase V, Gurgaon, Haryana.

As per company’s rules & regulations (i.e. signed by Mr. Mohit Madaan {owner of Impressive BPO}, I will get my payments within 45-50 days of joining of employees, where my candidate was selected on 13th March 2013, I asked for my cheque on 10th May 2013, he send me a Email that I am going to USA and I will give you on 28th May 2013, but from 28th May 2013, I was continuously trying to send him a mail and contacting him on his mobile number but there was no response from him, finally I dropped a message on 30th May 2013, that when I can come to collect my cheque, than he response me through message itself that

“Sandeep, it will take another 15 days for your cheque. I am sorry but things are not working as we thought they would”

then I replied

Mohit it is only Rs. 8,000/- + Service Tax, and if you want I can come tomorrow to your office?

Then again he replied

Its not going to happen tomorrow, you have to wait for 15 days, if you want to come tomorrow, you can, but I might not be in office.

Hope all you can understand person who went to USA, he don’t have Rs. 8,000/- to pay, I think he is not in mood to pay my payment.

I am fighting for my rights of money, Kindly pay some serious attention on this Email.

Details of Impressive BPO & Mohit Madaan are given below:-


698, Udhyog Vihar,Phase V, Gurgaon,

Haryana, India

Mr. Mohit Madaan (9999083930)

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep Mahajan


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