Location/place: kolkata

Name of company/service: Reliance communication

I had a reliance 3G net connection before 6 month (approximate). But after few days a had lost the connection. So I inform reliance customer care to stop the connection immediately and disconnect it. In reply they assure that, they had disconnect my connection. After that I got a bill for the full month. I disagree to pay the amount. I have got few call from reliance. They told that I was wrong, a general Dairy in local police station is required to close this connection. But why the customer care representative do not told me that. Now just before few days I have got one more bill (In between I have got 1 or 2 bills). And very pathetic issue is, I have got a call today from an Advocate (Delhi). He told me that you have to pay your total outstanding within one hour, otherwise they will put a case against me on the court. They did not send any legal notice. I told to Mr. Advocate that I cant able to pay the full amount today, give me minimum 4-5 days. But he disagree. Now what will I do?

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