Pathetic Service by Vodafone

My Complaint is regarding vodafone services and billing and most importantly their behavior towards the consumer. I have been using this Vodafone number for more than 3 years after using the number as prepaid for the first year I converted it to postpaid. Due to work I had to travel abroad five months ago so I checked with Vodafone about the roaming packages and they had three different Iroam packages from which I took the 7days package initially to check the network coverage and level of service Vodafone is providing. Post satisfactory level of services that I received from Vodafone in 7days package I opted for 28days package every month since then. However my bill for the 23days in first month in roaming without iroam package for 23days was note more than 15000/-. Which I paid before time as I always do. Post that every month I call the Vodafone customer service to reactivate my iroam package for 28 days and I did same in the end of June however this time it was something additional that I complaint about to Vodafone customer service. That was sms alters which I had never subscribed. Iroam package has unlimited incoming & outgoing call along with unlimited data for 28days and prior to June I never received any sort of alert on my number regarding my usage. Considering the history I contacted Vodafone care again and complaint them about the alert that I have been receiving for which they gave me the complaint number as 450384352 and I was told by the Vodafone care executive that it’s happening due to technical error and he mentioned about I getting charge excessively due to technical error from Vodafone side also requested me to ignore the messages. On the same call I checked my iroam package expiration and requested reactivation.
Next morning I received a call from Vodafone asking the status of my complaint which was not resolved. Next day in the afternoon I received a sms stating that my usage has reached to INR: 11000/-.
I didn’t ignored the message as it was told by the Vodafone customer service executive that these charges will be waved off as it’s due to technical error. Next morning when I woke up I saw no network on my phone and read a message from Vodafone that I have exceeded the approximately INR: 27000/- credit limit. Which was not possible for me generate a bill of 16000/- overnight particularly when I was asleep. This was the first case.
Now after that I contacted the Vodafone care from my local number of UAE so they took my complaint again and complaint number for that is 455785870. I had all the conversation recorded and screenshots of the messages sent to the Vodafone nodal officer of Mumbai and to Vodafone care. However I did not receive any response from them yet except the auto generated acknowledgement. I asked my brother in Mumbai to visit gallery and shared all the evidences with him so that issue will get resolve. My brother visited gallery and made me spoke with Vodafone gallery people. I explained them everything they even heard the recordings and saw the screenshots they as well took the complaint, number of which is with my brother. As per the Vodafone gallery people I was supposed to receive the resolution in 48hrs however It’s been 4 days now and my services are completely interrupted. Yet there is no response from Vodafone.
In the morning today when I called Vodafone I was asked to pay the remaining balance of aprox INR: 27000/- which is due to Vodafone technical issues.
I request the consumer court and humbly appeal to give me justice and resolve my issue. As Vodafone is forcing me to pay the amount which had occurred due to their technical issues.

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