Pathetic Pathalogy Service

Location/place: Andheri, Mumbai

Name of company/service: SRL Religare


I had been to SRL Religare Andheri (E) pathology lab to conduct certain tests prescribed by my doctor for my lever. There was a test by the name of ABG Abdomen (Sonography), before going to the lab I called them in the morning to reconfirm the same. However when I reached there I was made to understand that the doctor is not available and I have to come next day once again with 14 hours of fasting. This was very rude and had no intensions to help the customer.

Moreover there was yet another blood serum test ASMA which they earlier said the machine is not working and later said that its ok we will take your blood and when the machine works we will run this in our system. It will take a week to deliver the blood report as they run the blood sample only on Wednesday & Saturday in their lab in goregoan. I said today is Wednesday let me deliver this blood sample to your test lab so that it can go in today’s run but they did not support me on this as well and they said that I will have to wait for 7 days for the report.

On top of it when I tried log in on you website to check the status of the reports I could not log in because of some issues, I spoke with one of their executive on the call center but all efforts in vein. Finally I could not log in and have to wait till I go physically and collect the report from their centre

Do we have any authority in India to challenge such behavior of SRL Religare so that customer like me don’t have to come next day with 14 hours of fasting, the behavior of the team was very rude and I would request people not to visit SRL RELIGARE ever again for any pathology test in their life.

Request you to please support me in passing on this message to Senior Management of SRL Religare and to the relevant govt authorities in India.

Thanks & Regards

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