Pathetic Customer Services

Location/place: Rohini Delhi

Name of company/service: HTC Mobiles

I has some issues with my HTC Wildfire S mobile and since it was under warranty I went to service centre on 28th May 2012 located in Kamla Nagar Delhi. They simply went ahead and submitted my phone stating that they will replace MOTHERBOARD of this Mobile and asked me to write all my complaints regarding this phone on their Service Report. I was given a date of 30th May as an Deliuvery date, though I got my phone back on 05th may 2012 and they asked me to check it atleast for a day. When I used the Phone, it was in worst condition than ever before, I went to their service centre agin and again they had submitted my phone stating sir will check and repair it and delivery date was 08th May.

When I called on 08th May they said that this phone cannot be repaired and they will provide me the replacement as New Phone and they need approval on same which will take 2days and ever since I am not getting any positive response neither my old repaired phone nor new replaced phone. They did not provide me any substitute for this, I tried contacting them multiple times but they are not behaving well either, tried contacting to Cust Care but even they don’t have any satisfactory answer. I was given an email address for a senior and I sent an Email multiple times however not getting any response from their either.

Please help me in this matter

Thanks & Regards,

Sandeep Nama

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