pathetic conditions at oyo home stay, rude staff and my family had a very troubled night during our trip to nainital in june 2018

Oyo rooms completely failed to provide me even the basic facilities when I stayed in a Oyo home stay in Nainital and upon lodging a complain they kept making excuses and lastly they stopped communicating with me. I sincerely request everyone not to stay in Oyorooms and following were my concerns related to the place I stayed and with the Oyo team.

[Booking( ERHD5973 ), Hotel – OYO 14689 Home 3BHK Valley View
Goludhar Mehragaon]

the list of problems me and my family faced at the Oyo home stay:

1. Electric sockets were not working in bedrooms, we had to leave our phones in drawing room (ground floor) while
2. Water supply was inconsistent, many a times we had to call care taker to arrange water.
3. Out of three, two Geysers were not working.
4. We were not guided as to what is kept where and upon asking we ere replied with a blunt voice that we should search
for things, this is not a hotel.
5. Fan regulator were not working, fan was either switched off or ran at full speed due to which we could not sleep
properly as either we felt uncomfortable or cold.
6. Out of the three people there, one caretaker was very rude and he kept making excuses for our all the concerns. The
other two only appeared at the check-in time around.

Please also note down concerns while dealing with OYO team:

1. When I talked to OYO captain there, he said sir if you have checked out I can not do much. He could only ensure that
these problems don’t happen again so that guests coming next are not troubled.
2. Oyo got back to me saying that Home-stay caretaker is saying that everything was fine except the geyser issue,
meaning that customer is lying. When I requested that OYO should send their captain immediately to the home-stay
location to verify my concerns there was not satisfactory reply. That means OYO doesn’t have any mechanisms through
which it can verify customer complaints. And I was repeatedly asked to provide pictures as proof of my complain, Do you think I went to Nainital to take pictures of OYO rooms, why din’t you send your executive to the concerned premises to
verify the complain.
3. Your channel of resolving customer complain is so lengthy that slowly slowly people will stop using OYO, first I talked to
OYO captain, then I registered my complain in customer care, then I explained the whole story to minimum of two
executives separately and then OYO kept calling multiple times, was that all I went to Nainital for?

I would suggest OYO not to waste my any more time and refund the complete amount of ~ INR 7000 immediately ( and
not as any sort of promotional code or coupon).

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