Partial withdrawal from HDFC Life

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Hdfc Life Insurance

I had applied for a partial withdrawal for one of my ULIP policies i had bought some 4 years back. The ULIP agent through whom i had purchased the policy has completely absconded from the time i asked him that i needed funds for personal use.

Subsequently i had sent the application to their Thane branch for maximum withdrawal on July 25. There was no response for around 10 days time after which on following up they said the application was sent to their Head office on 31st July and i would be getting the cheque 8 days after that.

Today on calling the customer care subsequently the lady mentioned it was already sent and now the cheque is lying with BKC branch (the agent deceivingly had opened in that branch probably since he had tie up for his commission)

I am not able to take leave for work for such a matter, worst experience ever after having purchased a ULIP.

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