partial cash dispensed from ATM machine

Location/place: Indore

Name of company/service: Bank of Barodaa

Since 5/03/2012 I have been having the following problems:
On 5/03/2012 I requested to withdraw 15,000rs from BOB ATM, the machine took longer time than usual and at last instead of 15,000rs only 2,000rs were disbursed by the ATM machine as the ATM was situated at R.S.S.N Nagar branch, within 5 to 10 minutes I made a complaint to the branch manager in written. They told me to wait for 20-25 days, then after 20-25 days I contacted at the branch and they told me that they have got reply from Mumbai that the transaction was complete and 15,000rs were dispensed. Then again I contacted the branch manager and they told me to again make a complaint then again they told me to wait for 10 to 15 days and after that I again contacted the branch but then reply in written was given by them that the transaction was complete as per switch and electronic journal data available with us. This way I again and again kept on going to the bank and now I am not even getting proper response from the bank employees.
I would like you to look into the matter and respond me as soon as possible.

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