Parcel Not Delivered in 20 days

Location/place: Varanasi

Name of company/service: Professional Courier

My friend booked my parcel on 9th July 2012 of 39.5 Kgs from Pune(chinchwadGoan branch) to Varnasi and got a receipt with POD No: PNQ 112026007 and when i am trying to track it online from day 1 i am not able to track it.
and when i am caaling the person to whon i booked my parcel he is saying that you will get the pqarcel in 2 days and this thing is being repeated by him for 3rd time.
As of now he has stopped talking with me and when i call him he disconnects the cal and then message me that he is busy in police station or hospital,
His name is Chinmay and mobile no is +91-9049803228
When i am calling customer care then they are saying that no parcel is been booked with the following pod no

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