Panasonic AC wrong installation

Location/place: Chennai,Tamilnadu

Name of company/service: Sathya Agencies,Medavakkam

Hi all.. I bought Panasonic AC(31/05/12) in Sathya Agencies,Medavakkam,Chennai which deals with all kinds of consumer electronics. At the time of purchase the sales manager assured me that the installation will be done on the very next day but it was not done as they said. when I went in person on the third day,they acted like showing interest in solving the problem and made some arrangements for AC Installation. A person in the name Mani with his assistant came for the AC installation. while installing the AC the person teaches his assistant and allowed him to install the AC. At the final stage something went wrong during the release of the Gas. Those persons blammed because of voltage problem the AC does not work and asked as to go for Triple Booster stablizer. After installing the AC with triple booster Fan alone runs in the machine but no sign of cool air. Again they told its because of voltage problem. At last after two days usage the AC went down completely. When I took this issue to Sathya Agencies they arranged a technician for the problem raised and the person came for the service didnt repair the AC and given a statement that it was installed by some third party and we dont even touch this for service(Panasonic Technician) and I cant claim any warrenty on the product. When I took this issue back to sathya agencies, I came to know that the person who installed the AC is a local guy who has some interest in fixing AC. When I enquired about the statement given by Panasonic technician they told that they will take care of everything but still now(around 20 days gone) no Action was taken. Daily I go in person and they tried to escape with some silly reason. Please help me out of this issue and be aware of this agencies which got several branches across Tamilnadu.

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