Panasonic A.C Worst customer experience, Defective A.C , Not replacing

Hi Sir/Mam,

I have purchased a Panasonic A.C last year May-2017 and in March-2018 we observed noise and cooling issue. Intimated the same on customer care and their service representative can to resolve it. But they could not find anything in 6-8 visits to my home since march to May. In June 2018 A.c stopped working, It was due to the installation fault. Now because the damage to product is almost 70% they are denying to replace the unit. They are forcing me to get the part replaced instead. Their local service provider called and talked rudely and forced me to get the part replaced otherwise this complaint also they will close.

Please help and take care of consumers rights. This very common now for all brands, after sale service is very bad. They are putting lot of money in advertising before sale but on one to listen customer afterwards.
They had closed my complaint without my information and entered in my house without any complaint. I might have turned to a security issue , why they didn’t open a complaint and visited ethically. They are giving infeasible options. I want replacement of my product. Please help.

Adesh Choudhary

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